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We asked some of our clients to share their honest opinions and individual experiences they have had using our products and services.

Many of our clients have come to us after enduring one or more negative experiences at other hair replacement centers. We encourage our potential new clients to investigate our products and the materials we use to uniquely craft each system. The ability to see the product demonstrated in person, as well as having the option to meet with current clients of Visual Impromptu.

If you are a current client and would like to share your experience with others on this webpage, please complete our CUSTOMER FEEDBACK FORM.


Submitted by Visual Impromptu Client:

"I write very few letters of this nature but I am compelled to do so upon receiving the latest hair replacement piece you so brilliantly produced for me. As you know, I have been to numerous hair replacement firms over the past fifteen years, and have owned what was considered the best available in the business from those top studios and have paid top dollar for them."

"But I can emphatically say that I have never owned or seen on any other men, a hair replacement piece to even come close to the latest one that you have so skillfully crafted for me. It truly is a work of art. The hairline, style,color, density and overall quality is incomparable in the world today."

"In the short time I have worn it, I have had many admiring glances and compliments on my new hair style, and no stares by those wondering if it is my own real hair or a hair-piece. It's amazing how one's confidence is bolstered when you don't even have to give a second thought about your appearance being natural. So, in short, thanks for your artistic skills and quality production."

"I look forward to many years ahead of your expertise and your constant efforts to make things better - or as you say, 'state of the art' ."

......PHIL T.
......San Francisco, CA

Submitted by Visual Impromptu Client:

"Going to Visual Impromptu was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time."

"I always knew it would be possible to create believable hair pieces, but it wasn’t until I came to Visual Impromptu that I met the people who had the skills and techniques to do it."

"If you are thinking about a hair replacement system at least go in for a consultation. I spent many years paying lots of money and being very unhappy about my hair. Visual Impromptu has changed all of that."

......DOUG H.
......San Francisco, CA



Submitted by Visual Impromptu Client:

"My hair loss began at age twenty or so. I decided to try out well-known hair replacement companies, but the money they wanted for inferior products they sold, was truly outrageous. I even had hair replacement surgery and spent over $8,000 dollars. But even that solution didn't appear natural to me."

"WIth one company, I couldn't stop worrying about people seeing the front hairline because it didn't look natural. I began to worry about my hair more than I did when I was going bald."

"Expecting another thick, unnatural-looking hairline, I was shocked at the quality of the replacement solutions he offered. It seemed to disappear against my scalp and restored a truly natural look to my front hairline."

"I figured such a hair replacement system must cost a fortune. I remembered what I was charged for lesser hair systems. But again, I was pleasantly surprised."

"I can go anywhere, anytime and I know that no one can detect my Visual Impromptu Hair System. It's simply the most natural replacement and solution I've tried. And I've tried them all."

......STEVEN M.
......San Francisco, CA





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