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Welcome to Visual Impromptu / VRHairline

Visual Impromptu Hair Replacements for Men's and Women's Hair Loss from Alopecia Areata, male pattern baldness, female hair loss, or thinning hair. Hair Replacement Systems, including the VRHairline™ or the SkinFlex™. Visual Impromptu specializes in men's hair loss and women's hair loss, providing superior quality undetectable hair replacements and hair pieces, utilizing only 100% European Human Hair, with personalized, private and confidential customer service.

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The Virtual Reality Front Hairline System™

Junichi Inoue, Founder & President of Visual Impromptu, has developed state-of-the-art techniques in undetectable hair replacement procedures. With over eighteen years of experience in hair replacement technology, Jun intimately understands the individual needs and concerns of clients, which is the foundation for Visual Impromptu's new and innovative research into hair replacement systems, which looks and feel like your own natural hair.

Influenced by the Japanese sense of design, Jun skillfully creates a custom, unconstrained and remarkably comfortable hair replacement for all degrees of hair loss. Comfortable and secure, with body and manageability that surpasses any other products currently on the market, your hair replacement is virtually tangle-free and easy to maintain. Visual Impromptu strives to provide you with peace of mind, and absolute confidence in your appearance. Whether at work, at play or anywhere else, you can be confident you look your best.

Creating a form of the exact shape of your head provides a custom base for a comfortable, natural and perfect fit. This procedure is performed quickly and efficiently while you relax.

Color Matching is an art in itself. Your natural hair is a blend of many shades and colors. Our expert colorists match and blend your natural color so perfectly, you won't be able to see where your natural hair ends and your replacement begins. This is essential for a natural appearance.

Weight and texture of hair is carefully matched with the natural hair for an undetectable blend. The replacement hair is then carefully secured to the transparent base. We have several different varieties of bases to choose from.

We provide detailed reviews and information on alternative hair loss solutions available on the market today, comparing those products to our own. This way, you will be better able to make an intelligent and informed decision before you buy.

We offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!

Visual Impromptu has a wide variety of products, which can be combined with features of another product to provide you with the perfect customized solution for you.




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